Naomi – character bio


Basic information

Full name: Nauḿisamuṕ “Naomi” Psaḿikolimatu

Common name: Naomi Matu

Species: Manuti

Height: 6′1″

Weight: 185 lbs

Eye colour: Violet

Skin colour: Light blue

Hair colour: None, hair is too fine to be noticeable

Gender: Transwoman

Sexuality: Lesbian

Special abilities: Psionic

Occupation: Mercenary

Age: 35



Born on Istav, her species’ homeworld, Naomi lived a hard life for the first decade and a half. Born in a gutter, raised by people who never stayed in her life for long, she learned to fend for herself and managed to steal her way into what could be described as a somewhat comfortable life. She didn’t sleep in the dark, dank caves of Istav that the “Unders” stayed in, at the very least.

Her psionic abilities had manifested from an early age, and this aided her when it came to defending herself or picking a pocket, able to play with the minds of others and manipulate the world close to her to suit her needs.

Sometime around her 20th birthday, she was attacked by Istav authorities, on behalf of the Arcmecani, the local ruler, who had decided that violence was the best method with which to deal with the rabble and criminals that had accumulated in his small kingdom. Istavi Attack Hounds, massive beasts of slobbering teeth and horrendous claws, ran through the tunnels and complexes the less fortunate made their homes from.

Naomi was one of the few to escape, spending 3 bullets to take down a hound that had cornered her before she managed to scramble into a tunnel too small for the monsters to come after her. One of the hound’s teeth embedded itself deeply into her arm, and it tore out of the mouth as she scurried away, leaving her with a rather morbid trophy she now wears around her neck.

Shortly thereafter, she left on a refugee ship to another planet, and she happened to get a job with the captain of the Tulsi, a job she secured once she proved her psionic worth to the captain. Ever since then, she has been working on the Tulsi, continuing her criminal life. Only now, she does so on behalf of the more corrupt elements of the local governments and profit, instead of for her own survival.

She is currently in a relationship with Kate, the Slower-than-Light Navigator of the Tulsi. 

Art by /u/enduredsilence


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