My Patreon

Hey everyone! I’ve had a Patreon open for the last few months, and I’d appreciate it if you took a look. If you can’t donate, reblogs would help a ton. As it stands, it’s my only real source of income, and every bit of money I make from it will go towards my writing. Research, materials, and equipment I may need.

There are a total of 6 tiers: Supporter, Coffee-Buyer, Encourager, Cameo, Insider’s Look, and Patron of the Arts.

Supporter: For 1 dollar, you get free stories! Every story I post is put up a week earlier on Patreon, and there’s even a novella that’s being put up for patrons only.

Coffee-buyer: For 5 dollars, you can influence the stories that appear on Patreon through polls, in addition to helping me decide on aspects in my non-Patreon stories.

Encourager: For ten dollars, you get any self-published works a month before they go to market.

Cameo: For twenty dollars, you have a reference in one of my stories. We can discuss exactly what that reference is if you’re a Patreon.

Insider’s Look: For 50 dollars, you get behind the scenes looks at my writing process, and supplementary materials 6 months before they go to market.

Patron of the Arts: For 100 dollars a month,  you get to commission me for stories. I can only write so fast, so I can only do one such commission every three months for each patreon at this rank.

Every rank stacks, so a Patron of the Arts gets EVERY benefit listed above, while an Encourager gets everything from Supporter to Encourager rank.

Please consider donating to my Patreon, and if you can’t donate, please reblog and spread to word.


Jared J. Fleming


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