Patreon announcement

For just a dollar a month, you can get patron-exclusive short stories and novels. The first of said novels, Gullaldr, posted its first chapter just a few days ago. On Friday, the next chapter goes up.

For five dollars, you can directly influence stories, give me ideas and feedback through polls, and for ten dollars a month, you get a physical copy of any and every e-book I publish, signed by me.

Here’s a peek at Gullaldr:

Being emotionally compromised in a McDonald’s never gets any less weird, no matter how often it’s done. And in my case, this was the second time this month. I wasn’t crying, or anything. It was more of a void in my chest, a blanking out of reality for a moment here and there. Forgetting things existed, reaching down for a burger with my left hand and not remembering it was already in my right.

“Bailey…” Horus said. “Look at me, Bailey.” I looked up at him, staring at his beard. “My eyes, Bailey. I know this sucks, but you gotta look me in the damn eyes.” It was hard, almost feeling like a part of me was being torn out, but I managed to look him dead in the eyes.

“They’re stable. Not okay…but stable.”



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