Fauna of Jaas Prime: The Ice Worm



Jaas Prime is a frozen world, and despite the average temperature being well under negative thirty Celsius, it is full of life.

Jaasic ice worms are opportunistic feeders who will eat algae, mites, food left out in the cold, even bodies once they cool down. They are small worms, but still the largest known native animal on Jaas Prime. They’re only two centimeters long at most, thin and black, with two extremely flexible feelers/hooks on their side. These feelers are covered in thousands of small spikes that allow them to both tunnel and grasp on to ice. They can slide and slip into cracks of almost any size, but their feelers often do more than enough to tunnel through to their food.

In tempratures over zero degrees, it will literally melt from cells bursting from the expansion of water inside the cells and various reactions of chemicals within it. The ice worm is black primarily due to its diet. Worms that are red, yellow, green, or purple have been produced by bored soldiers feeding them various rations. When without food, the worms are completely transparent, only seen as vaguely moving shapes in the clear ice.


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